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Dave is the driving force behind METAJIVE since its inception in 1999. Metajive.com was purchased that year while Dave was 'hanging out' at Napster for a summer - literally just hanging out, not working, eating all of their catered food and candy. After that summer, Dave headed back to school where he took his first Flash class (Flash4) where he created his first flash music video, synced to 'God Save the Queen" ... it was terrible. Upon graduating, Dave did what any kid would do with a freshly purchased HD camera. He headed to Lake Tahoe to become a "famous snowboard filmer".

During this time spent in the Sierra Nevadas, Dave entered a RedBull contest and and won a year supply of RedBull and a chance to film and edit with his 'hero' Mack Dawg, who has since become a client, vendor and friend! After the few formative years spent in Tahoe, Dave headed to San Francisco to become a 'hired gun' for a handful of the big agencies in the city. He worked on everything from Disney, Banana Republic, Gap and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Dave developed METAJIVE, after settling in Del Mar, California. Metajive's high-profile clients include Quiksilver, Wells Fargo, Taylor Made, DC Shoes, NASCAR, TransWorld Media. Metajive also works closely with agencies such as Eleven Inc., DDB NY, Deutsch, Grip Ltd., Profero, McCann-Erickson and Agency.com on their top-level accounts like Microsoft, Xbox, State Farm and Virgin America, to name a few. When Dave isn't working 10 hours a day or talking shop with his wife/partner, he's usually kicking it with his bulldog and trying to catch the very few lefts that exist in Encinitas.

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